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MCRmy, My Chemical Street Team's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
MCRmy, My Chemical Street Team

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The Used twitter listening party & blood on my hands video! [28 Aug 2009|04:20pm]
You guys have to check this out. The Used is doing the first ever twitter listening party! They're the first band to do it! more details at http://twitter.theused.net/

also Check out Blood On My Hands on their myspace! http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=61130701

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Skeleton Crew / My Chem Merch for sale! [05 Aug 2009|02:01pm]

hey! i just recently put a few my chem merch items up for sale on e-bay.  i'm selling the original first edition I Am A Monster shirt that was sold when skeleton crew first started, it's a size large and in great condition. starting bid is $10 and shipping is $4.95 USPS priority mail. If you're interested, that item is located here.  I'm also selling a my chem 'revenge' hoodie, with 'n.j. murder scene' and two guns on the back that is in great condition. starting bid and shipping are the same. that item is here if you're interested!  also just added this my chem messenger bag here,  it's a cupid shooting arrows at a blindfolded woman in a white dress. starting bid is $8 and shipping is the same as above!

x-posted around a little bit, so sorry if this shows up a lot for you!s


Marilyn Manson Band Shirt with Lyrics on back starting at $5 with 4.95 shipping.
The Used Band Shirt like new, beautiful artwork. starting at $5 with 4.95 shipping.
Aveda Reusable Canvas tote bag used once, released for the 2007 earth month campaign.  starting at $20 with 4.95 shipping
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[31 Jul 2009|08:15am]

Anyone going to see my chem at the roxy tonight???? i wish i was!!!...:( 
i listened to kroq for seven hours straight (no joke) then when they finally announced the time to call the pphone lines were busy..
i would do anything to go because my chemical romance is my favorite band and yet i have never seen then live! i hope i get to catch them on their next tour...
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OMG, How funny is this... [26 Jun 2009|11:49am]
Check out this awesome vid for MCR's Venganza Vest:

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[SELLING] MCR Magazines / Poster / Autograghed.... [18 May 2009|06:06pm]

Album "The Black Parade" clean version (LIKE NEW!) 19 USD
SEE MORE ITEMS ....Collapse )
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My Chemical Montage [03 May 2009|06:03pm]

[ mood | amused ]

A montage of the funny, weird, scarry, and cute photos of MCR i thought i would share with the MCRMY


  • When heros don't prevail By Fall from Grace
  • Fifth Period By Leathermouth

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CONTACT ME : hyde_seasoncall@yahoo.com


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
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Watchmen soundtrack available TODAY! [03 Mar 2009|03:43pm]

Hey, i just wanna give a heads up that the soundtrack and score to the Watchmen film are out today.  The genres covered are pretty awesome for just one CD.  Everything from jimi hendrix and janis joplin to mcr and simon and garfunkel.


Im going to run and grab my copy later today.
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Signed Watchmen Single Boxset! [20 Feb 2009|05:25pm]

Hey everyone!


I just pre-ordered the watchmen 7” singles box set.  The best part is I get a free poster signed by Tyler Bates for pre-ordering!


Use this code, and you’ll get a 10% discount:



Here’s the link to buy it:



Here’s a picture (sooooooooooo awesome!):

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Desolation Row video now on iTunes! [30 Jan 2009|02:06pm]

Just a friendly reminder that MCR's video for Desolation Row is now available for download on iTunes.  Snyder's direction is superb!

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My Chemical Romance! [27 Jan 2009|05:53pm]

yo! does everybody kno that the new mcr song is on amazon and itunes for like $.99?... =]

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MCR for sale...\m/ [18 Nov 2008|05:50pm]

[ mood | crappy ]

Hi, selling MCR items on my journal! \M/ Cause I’m currently in need of money..Philippine buyers please! Most of the items are bought from UK. Items prices are reasonable but still negotiable.

Note: if ever this post violates the community rules please don’t hesitate to delete.

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Frank Iero Interview [15 Oct 2008|09:32am]
Nyght Scene sat down with Frank Iero for a one on one. Check it out here!
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[04 Oct 2008|12:23pm]

I am in desperate need of money, so I am selling some of my My Chem stuff.
I have a whole bunch of posters and stickers
and I have this hoodie:


It's BRAND NEW, never worn.
The reason is because it's too small for me.
I got it in an XL but it's a girl's size. So it fits more like a small or a medium.
If you are interested it in, we can negotiate a price and all that fun stuff.
Just comment?
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Selling my photography [26 Sep 2008|05:41pm]

So I was thinking of selling some of my photography as posters because I have no job and I do not get paid for taking concert pictures. I have some MCR pictures I took at Projekt Revolution last year that i would like to make into prints. If anyone is interested let me know

Pictures under here Collapse )
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MCRbook [28 Jan 2008|10:53pm]

Hello fellow MCR fans!
As you all may know My chem’s coming to South America!!!! finally.. and we are a group of peruvian fans and unfortunately, they are not coming to Peru :( Therefore, we are going to Chile on February 24th

So i decided to make this MCR book, that would have messages from their fans. Because one day I realized, how many things I wanted to say to these guys, how many times I wanted to say thank you! to them, and I wondered if other people felt the same. That's why, I came up with this idea. To start an MCRbook

This consists in:
1-Fans write like a message/letter to the guys. You can either post it on myspace (www.myspace.com/mychemicalromancebook) or write to: mcrbook@hotmail.com (We expect many messages! and you can write as much as you want, 10 pages or 1 line) Or if you want to ask them a question you can send them all, because we're gonna have a section where they can find all the questions fans have, if there are too many, we might only choose some.
2-The “MCRbook” group will then make the book, we’ll try to do our best.
3-We’ll take pictures of the book so that you can all see how it looks like.
4-We’ll try to give the book to MCR when we go to Chile. This will be our biggest challenge!!

To do all of this we need your help, we need you all to post your messages as soon as possible and tell other people about this. I am doing this book, for 2 main reasons:
1- I want the fans to have the opportunity to at least tell them how their music makes them feel, to say whatever they wanna say to them.(of course something appropriate)
2-For the guys, I'm sure they would love to receive something like this.

Maybe we will not be able to give them the book (I want to stay positive, but it’s still a possibility) but I’m sure that if we’re not able to give it to them, there will be another chance to do this.
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[01 Nov 2007|05:07pm]

Wishing to go to the December 1st Melbourne MCR concert please. 'Tis my birthday and I appreciate if someone could either sell or get me a ticket!! It's gonna be my 15th and hopefully not my funeral day.'

I'd love to hear from SOMEONE.
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[25 Oct 2007|12:03pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

im  excitedd about this! ahh...im from san diego (which is burning at the moment, very sad) so i dont know that many people who are really fans of this band. im a junior in high school right now and i have basically loved these five beautiful people since the sixth grade. i thought it was a phase, but it really turns out it's not. so that's kind of good. i'm kind of bummed at the moment because they haven't posted any tourdates for the west coast. but that's probably because they're in europe. haha. anyways, glad to be here.

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i have tickets for 10/25 for sale!--from an rmy member in NJ [16 Oct 2007|11:06am]

hi guys,

i have 2 tickets for 10/25 for bon jovi/mcr in newark nj. i'm selling them at face value+ticketmaster charges. the total is $208 total. seats are next to each other. third seating level, right side of the stage (frankie's side). i bought these tickets and forgot about a tai show i'm going to for a friend's bday that night. i'm going to see MCR on the 24th at Maxwell's in Hoboken and i need to get rid of these. 

i live in northern nj, can meet in manhattan if need be. 

message me if you want em!
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Gerard singing Rihanna's "Umbrella", of all things!!! [29 Aug 2007|05:48pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Gerard, Gerard, what are we to do with you?

What's funny is that he actually knows the words.

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